When I was living in New York a friend recommended that I study Transcendental meditation. I learned how to practice TM and it transformed my life and the way I view and experience reality and the world around me. After doing a TM meditation I could experience a deep sense of bliss, Even the colours around me seemed more vibrant and angelic. At a later stage I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and I quickly fell in love with it. Learning to Meditate and use the technology of Kundalini Yoga is a gift and a blessing which I love to share with others. KY is a unique yoga that awakens the the sacred Kundalini energy that lay dormant at the base of the spine. it balances the chakras, elevates and can bring about a powerful transformative experience in a relatively short time. You don't need to practice it for years in order to experience and enjoy it. Even if you are new to KY you can sense the abundance and enjoy its many physical and spiritual benefits. In KY we often use music and chanting. I love to incorporate these in my classes. Along with my passion for music and songwriting I am also an authorised KY yoga teacher and enjoy teaching a weekly class in Hampstead. Sat Nam. 

Tammy Ivesha