Yahel & Tammy


It all began when I  bumped into a trance DJ at a party and my friend Carrie introduced between us. His manager said that he was looking for a singer and I quickly learned that I was in for a great adventure. Yahel and I loved working and recording together. The first time we met I played him a quiet ballad that I had written on my guitar and Yahel quickly transformed it into a Dance anthem. Before I knew what had happened, I was attending my first rave. And there I was on the stage in Brazil in front of 20,000 People in the Sunrise. Truly an unforgettable moment. I have had the great fortune to travel and tour all over the world with Yahel. Our music collaboration has enriched me with unique experiences in: Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio, Istanbul, London, Tel  Aviv, New York and more. I cherish these experiences and am always happy to get into the studio and collaborate with Yahel.


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